Friday, June 28, 2013

{A Mighty Girl} Misstep

At first, I was delighted to discover my photograph featured on A Mighty Girl, even if they didn't bother to ask me or mention the source. Then I thought about it. Do I want my photos being used to sell books, when my platform is all about borrowed beauty from the library? The answer is no. 

Libraries use my materials, and I want them to continue without hesitation or permission. In fact, anyone can use my materials for library purposes, that is why I blog. When your motto is Spend Less - Share More: Library, it's bizarre to see your portrait used to persuade people to spend money on (of all things) books you can borrow from your library.

Have you had your materials used by others without permission, or without being given credit?

I forgive your misstep, A Mighty Girl. But if you truly want to share the empowerment of reading with girls of all ages, any proceeds you make on the sale of Matilda should be forwarded to the library of your choice. 

xoxo Michele

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