Monday, June 10, 2013

Recommendations, And Regrets

Have you ever recommended a book to a friend, and then inwardly, immediately regretted it? What if they don't like it as much as I did? Scratch that, what if they hated it, and by association, hate me? 

Last week I finished this book, and then wildly went about recommending it to everyone I love, or know on a first name basis. And then felt a quick twinge of regret. Because books I love may not be books you love. 

Here's the genius of the library - they carry it all. Not just the latest trends or what the publishers are trying to push. They have the classics, the underdogs, and everything in between. The same goes for movies and music. I can count on one hand the movie DVD's and music CD's we own, but we have a new rotation of both in our home each week, thanks to the library. 

Libraries are the carriers of the carriers of civilization. 

Borrowing brings honesty. Because I didn't convince you to spend $25.00 on a hardback book you'd rather burn than place on your bookshelf, you're more likely to provide honest feedback about what you liked (or didn't). 
What have you read lately and wanted to/or did recommend? Any regrets? Did you have a book recommended and it wasn't for you? I'd love to hear from you.

Less regrets, More recommendations: Library.

xoxo Michele

 P.S. Dearest Lilly, if you hate the book I recommended, possibly you'll love her? :)

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