Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beautifully Balanced Collections (Join Me)

Last night, I introduced Nick to My Father's Glory. It's subtitled, but he loved it. Just for fun, Nick asked to watch my favorite foreign film again - but this time in English, and who am I to argue? Clearly, this explains why I haven't been blogging.

We're in the midst of the last week of school, critiquing movies, starting a herb and vegetable garden (even if it's on my porch), and discussing the French Revolution. Bedtime hilarity has been taken to a new level with this for the kids and this for me. We're learning through our play, thanks to the library.

Put a Beautifully Balanced Collection together at your library this week and let me know what you've created. I'll share some of your collections in an upcoming post. All you need is your imagination and a library card.

Want me to create a collection for you? Leave me a message.

xoxo Michele

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