Monday, May 6, 2013

Where I've Been...And A Few Mother's Day Ideas

I've been everywhere except in front of the computer. Life has been happily rolling along without time for posting. Please forgive me. Last weekend included our local library book sale. Remember how I said I don't buy books unless I've read them first? Well, I make an exception for William Faulkner. Because my brain might surprise me and magically become smart enough to understand his brilliance at any moment. 

Kinda like my oldest, who goes to bed and magically reappears each morning several inches taller. A season of new growth is happening inside and outside of our home. This mama's heart is freshly pondering the mysteries of life and hoping to discover some of its secrets by quietly observing the beauty all around us. This spring feels like a gift; my present is to simply watch with youthful eyes and a curious spirit. It's how we grow.

Also, I'm finishing up a great read about Gussie, a (fictional) young girl in need of heart and lung transplant but finds daily joy in the beauty of the natural world around her. Did you know the (factual) male Bower bird will search high and low for blue objects (flowers, buttons, paper, shells, berries, etc.) to decorate his bower in the hopes of wooing a female? Check this out.
My hubby could have saved a lot of money while we were dating and just wooed me all the way to the library. No worries - now we spend less and share more.

Support your local library by sharing their borrowed beauty in honor of Mother's Day - here are a few ideas.

My laptop allotment this month is brief, but you can always find me on Instagram.

xoxo Michele

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