Monday, April 15, 2013

One Day Without Shoes

Going barefoot is a luxury for most of us. Now that the weather is warming up, I try to forgo footwear at every chance. But the second I find an anthill in the backyard, or I'm heading to the grocery store, my feet want comfy treats. Right now there are moms walking miles for food and water, without shoes. Children walking miles - ill, feverish children - to access healthcare, without shoes. 

Tomorrow is TOMS One Day Without Shoes campaign. You might be wearing a pair of their groovy soles right now. Would you, could you take them off for one day?

TOMS has partnered with my favorite charity, Partners In Health. Never heard of Dr. Paul Farmer? He's the rockstar - the Bono if you will - of medical social justice. This book shattered some of my long standing beliefs and forever changed the way we give as a family.

While you're contemplating the difficulty of showing up at work tomorrow without shoes, introduce your family to these amazing people and places with great reads from the library.

I don't know if I'll have the confidence to walk around town tomorrow barefoot. Embarrassment, lack of safety, not to mention the grimy muck I'd be tracking into schools and businesses. I may opt for some uncomfortable flip flops that will gift me berry red blisters. But I'll be thinking about those that need shoes, and really, isn't that the point? 

What would stop you from going one day without shoes?

I am not compensated in any way by TOMS or Partners In Health. Or the library. Or any sponsor. Ever. This blog is and will always be about sharing passionate ideas without sponsors, which is exactly the way the library shares with us.

xoxo Michele

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