Monday, March 18, 2013

Borrowing The Beauty Of Spring (And The Library)

Unlike nature, our front porch doesn't effortlessly transform itself through the seasons without borrowed beauty from the library. I spent most of Saturday organizing 60 pairs of shoes (many belonging to neighbor children), a myriad of sports equipment, guinea pig cages and their twenty pounds of food, dead ferns (plus a ficus tree that's on life support), and a colorful sock collection that completely filled the washing machine.

Honestly, I love the before reading this and this Instagram photo up above. But after a tall glass of lemonade and thirty minutes of perusing the pages of pretty porches (and possibly a nap), I shopped the house, chopped branches from our backyard bush, and bought two throw pillows from Home Goods. Total cost of my front porch makeover: less than $30.00.

After reading through Garden Bouquets and Beyond, I was inspired to create a flower necklace for my Irish bunny, Prince Caspian. This was the easiest craft ever, and the photo doesn't begin to reveal how smoochie he looks with his floral collar. Total cost: less than $3.00 (Our local Aldi sells fresh flower bouquets for $2.99, so I was able to make him a necklace and place the remaining flowers in the kitchen.) You'll want to make a hundred of these with your daughter. Or mother. Or girlfriends.

Here is what I've learned: You really can borrow beauty. From Spring. And from the library.

I hope they have a few ideas for my feeble ficus tree.

Spend Less - Share More: Library.

xoxo Michele

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