Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Fever

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I have cotton balls stuffed in my ears and tissues dangling from my nose as I type this. Added bonus: I smell like Target brand baby chest rub. Ironically, said sickness transpired right after displaying my spring hats and scarves in an attempt to hasten warm weather.

So I'm scrapping a post I was writing to share my latest obsession instead, thanks to a dear friend Katie. I ran into her at the library last week while she was crushing on this borrowed beauty:

Do you think Pioneer Woman has one of these?

You can find all this shared, succulent style in here:

Yep, two grown mothers perched on a bench outside the library, swooning like schoolgirls would over Harry from One Direction. For the record, I do not swoon over Harry, but my daughter does. And I can totally relate. Remember Shaun Cassidy? Leif Garrett? Who did you swoon over?

I know. Too smoochie for words. We were dreaming and drooling, dear friends.

These sweet reads are inspiring an entirely different spring fever than the one currently residing in my head {which has me stuck in bed}.

What borrowed beauty have you found lately at the library that has you longing for spring? And just as importantly, is it weird that I'm now passionately attached to having cotton balls in my ears, even referring to them as ear cozies?

xoxo Michele

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