Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Love the Wisdom In The Waiting

In the American world of own and now, I revel in the sharing of borrowed beauty. 

I desired a few new books for Lent and was tempted to buy a few when I couldn't immediately pull them from the library shelves. But when I discovered Wisdom in the Waiting on the library computer, my heart told me to wait. The book arrived on the hold shelf for me today, and ~ oh sweet readers ~ the prayers tucked away in these short stories was just what I needed.

We don't own acreage, we live in town, and my children may never know what it's like to raise chickens or grow a sustaining garden. But they have a mom that prefers walking over riding, reading over watching, borrowing over buying. 

Spring and the sacred days of Easter - may the wonders of this season be an encouragement to slow down and savor the wisdom in the waiting.

xoxo Michele

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