Monday, February 25, 2013

I Love The Duke

Music is the tonal reflection of beauty. 

My father adored big band music. He was a radio personality and for a brief period of time, owned a small radio station. When friends came to our house for the first time, they would fall over at the sight of my dad's stereo system. Towering speakers almost as tall as we were. Stacked black boxes with colorful, dancing meters; shiny black dials and tiny levers with foreign functions, never touching them lest we upset some cosmic balance, but being memorized by their unblemished power just the same. It took up almost six feet of horizontal wall space. His record collection was a dreamy mix of classic and contemporary artists, the jackets looking like over-sized book covers that begged to be studied and read as we listened to their melodies.

I remember the terror I felt on my first day of 5th grade because "Mrs. B" had a reputation for being tough, and the intimate connection of a shared joy that redeemed my fear when Mrs. B approached me warmly, telling me that she loved listening to my father each morning on the radio while getting ready for school.

I will never have the record collection my father had, but I can share his passion with my children through the library.

This book is even better when you pair it with the Scholastic DVD

We borrow the Duke's music, books, even movies. Bringing home Ellington is like ushering in a little piece of my father, and oh how I love that it's the sharing that makes my memories live.

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xoxo Michele

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