Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Love Showcasing Borrowed Beauty

This weekend I found a few treasures at Home Goods: a faux cowhide tray and darling mosaic coasters. Darlene called them a total score, and if you've seen her divine design skills, it's a huge compliment. 

But the real stars of my coffee table are from the library.  

The Museum Of Modern Art, New York (clearly, I don't want to give it back)

Want to restyle your living room without moving furniture? Showcase beauty from your local library.

I can change the books every week and that is where the magic happens for us - the focus is on the kinetic knowledge rather than the static packaging of the tray, as pretty as it might be. Yep - I believe books come to life when you open them up and start reading, that they add a spirit of fresh ideas to a family home. 

How do you showcase borrowed beauty from the library? 

FYI: My coffee table doesn't normally look like this. Tomorrow I'll break down and give you a taste of how it looks without me cleaning up. ;) 

xoxo Michele

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