Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Love Fashion Week

North Carolina's own Raleigh Denim shines at NYFW.

The Daily Beacon had a great article on Fashion Week being for everyone. You don't have to attend the shows to participate in the runway revelry thanks to advances in technology, like fashion blogs, websites and must have style apps.  

But what if you want to be trendy without being a hoarder? Shop without spending?

I love bringing home borrowed beauty. Books, music, movies, magazines; my local library is a vogue-sharing mecca every bit as hip as SoHo. I adore my make believe conversations with Tim Gunn while flipping through the pages of his style bible. Crooning off key to the modelicious music on my boombox while whipping up a tres chic chocolate mousse with my daughter. If it flops - no big deal. There is no loss when the emphasis is on learning.

And then I can return all of it and borrow more beauty. No need for yard sales or additional storage space. In our family, fewer possessions has equated to more memories with my family - reading, birding, cooking, crafting. 

Less worry and more wonder. Less coveting and more curiosity. Less spending and more sharing. Carl is reading this over my shoulder and emphatically disagrees with the less worrying. Oh, if he only knew.

Shopping the library keeps the party going long after fashion week has cleared the catwalk. Admission is free, all you need is your library card. So sashay on over there now, fashionista friends, and let me know all about your designer discoveries.

xoxo Michele

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