Monday, February 11, 2013

I Love Valentine's Day Crafts

Just started this dreamy read, The Outermost House. Dreamy I tell you.

Crafting with my daughter is a gift in itself. This year for Valentine's Day we found a smoochie token of beauty for her teachers, her friends, and of course, her mama. 

The best part is these foolproof pom pom bookmarks only require yarn and scissors, so if you have those two items, start doing a happy dance - Design Mom has saved the day. 

Start to finish in less than ten minutes and you'll want to make fifty of them. If I had as much yarn as the talented and beautiful Natalie, I'd make a hundred.  

Want more Valentine's Day craft inspiration? This is what we created last year

Aren't you happy this wasn't a paper craft that will end up in the garbage after the holiday? Or candy, that loves to end up on our thighs? Me too. Sharing meaningful moments with our children that can be held between the pages of a book is a gift worth giving as well as receiving.

xoxo Michele

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