Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Love Magnifying Magazine Ads

What? You mean you don't spend your weekend perusing magazines with a magnifying glass too? Some people drool over the furniture, but I swoon over the books.

Coffee table books are as important to the style of your room as the furniture. I believe they say more about you than the carpet or couch. In fact, books are one of interior designer's favorite decorating tools. Functional, educational, and oh-so beautiful.

The library wants to be your literary stylist.

The next time you're pinning dream rooms on Pinterest or dog-earing pages in your favorite magazines, keep a magnifying glass handy (they're fashionable decorating implements as well).  

You can find more library living at home inspiration here. Hope your weekend is filled with family, friends and borrowed beauty from the library. Will you be watching the Grammys in your jammies on Sunday?

Spend Less ~ Share More. Library.

xoxo Michele

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