Sunday, January 20, 2013

Share The Light Of The Library

Today is the perfect day to share the stories of other courageous Americans that haven't hid the light of justice under a bushel. We've added the books below to our favorite Martin Luther King Jr. beauty, all borrowed from the library.

Martin is remembered for his dream, John for his action. Susan is remembered for her resistance to tyranny. Reading about these heroes, including Paul Farmer, inspires me to ask my children, and you, What would you like to be remembered for?  That is your dream. Go live it.  

What is my dream? That parents passionately pursue the treasure found in their local libraries and share it by reading with their children each evening. That local libraries will not have to close their doors due to lack of funding (if you use your library each week by checking out books, music, movies, etc., their circulation goes up. High circulation = open libraries).  

xoxo Michele

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