Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love Is The Foolishness Of Men,

...and the wisdom of God.  ~ Victor Hugo

I thought I knew this story. Hubby - who is usually game for anything - didn't want to sit through Les Miserables. He was certain he'd be miserable. So a few friends and I went Saturday evening.

You also may think you know this story, and don't feel the need to go see it again.{Go anyway.}

Like me, you may think Russell Crowe has been mis-cast. {He hasn't been.

You may think you know all the songs. {Not like they sing them.}

This is the type of Hollywood movie we need to support.

Instead of seeing the French Revolution, I saw God's Redemption. 

And if you've never seen it, well, I'm speechless. Just go - drag your hubby along. He'll be crying during the first ten minutes anyway, so just ignore all the "I'm not into musicals" and find the times at your local theater.

Bring the children if they are tweens or older (there is just one fairly quick scene with Anne Hathaway where you'll want to cover their eyes). Thank me later.

Les Miserables themes to discuss with your children:

Old Testament Law (Javert)
New Testament Grace (Valjean)
How we pass God's light (the candlesticks) of grace, hope, and love to others.
Social injustice - change worth fighting for.

Borrow The Beauty From Your Library.
When you come home and can't forget the message, log on to your library website and borrow the book that started it all. Or the new movie soundtrack.

Did you go? Would love to hear your review in the comments.

xoxo Michele 

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