Sunday, January 13, 2013

What Is Your {Library} Style?

The lovely Darlene at Fieldstone Hill shared an amazing idea last week. Do you know your signature style? I didn't. My house is a miss-mash of stuff adored by five different people with distinctly different tastes, interests and age groups. Sadly, my wardrobe also appears to reflect the taste and interest of almost every age group under the sun. Please pray for my husband.

I would have bookshelves built in to every nook and cranny if I could, but beyond that I look for comfy, child/pet-friendly fabrics on furniture and stain proof clothes and carpet. But then I discovered the Anthropologie magazine featuring the swoony architect Antoni Gaudi and found my style.

Inspired By Fieldstone Hill

Find Your Signature Style at Fieldstone Hill.
Stop by and visit Darlene. She'll show you how to build a signature style board. It was thrilling to discover what made my heart race. There is something about bringing your passions together in a style board that helps you visualize what is possible in your home and as I'm slowly learning, your wardrobe as well. 

Inspired By Fieldstone Hill

Borrowed Beauty - Shared By The Library.
Once you have your signature style, books, music, movies, and magazines from the library are the perfect icing on life. Imagine filling your home with beauty you won't have to worry about putting in storage after a year or two. Dreamy coffee table books you can change up every few weeks. New cookbooks and mood enhancing music to spice up the daily "what's for dinner" dilemma. A travel section for inspiring your next adventure. Hobby books, like birding and gardening, or art and knitting, to usher in another year of deeper, meaningful learning. 

I'd love to see your signature style board - please share your pinterest or blog link in the comments, or over at Darlene's website.

xoxo Michele

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Decorating With Music

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