Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Borrowing Is Better

According to discussions on Amazon.com and Goodreads.com, people buy books, but rarely read them. I happen to agree, partly. I buy books I've already read and loved, usually from the used book sale table at the library.
Occasionally I'll buy books (or borrow from friends) for my children, like this and this, because the hold list for them is too long. But there are so many book series similar to these books just waiting for you to pick them off the shelf (your librarian can help you find them, like this and this), that it makes more sense to borrow. 
I read most of the books I borrow because I know they aren't mine. That three week time limit does something magical. Borrowing also gives me the freedom to take risks, to explore new interests without regret.
My personal experience is if you library, you'll read more, both on your own and with your children. The library specializes in helping us share more and spend less. 
Borrow the beauty, keep the knowledge. Library.
How about you? Do you read more when you buy, or borrow?
xoxo Michele 
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Marianne said...

I am sure I read more when I buy because then I have the book in the house. However, I buy and borrow, both from friends and the library, I lend my books to friends, so most of the books I buy are read by more than one reader. They definitely get read at one point.

I love the quote.

Marianne from Let's Read

Merrick Dunphy said...

I absolutely agree. I will check things out of the library (or load from the library on my Nook) that I would NEVER EVER EVER buy. And read them. I get to do all sorts of different things. I buy books... but usually after I've already read them once and know I want to read them again.

The Little Guy came home from the school book store with a rather expansive (and expensive) wish list. I told him we weren't going to the book fair this year. He said "That's fine, I can probably get these at the library." LOL

When we started fall break last week our first trip - the library.

Merrick Dunphy said...

And sometimes I buy when I'm impatient and have wifi LOL -- straight onto my nook/the nook app on my phone.