Sunday, September 1, 2013

Books Help Babies Grow (And A Dream Deferred)

Last week, I spied the cutest display at our local library. A wonderful patron donated "potted books" that had been decorations from a family member's baby shower.

It had me thinking about when I was in the hospital having my children, and how I wished that in addition to the diaper bag the nurses gave me filled with bottles and formula, they would have handed me a library tote filled with a beautifully balanced collection

I wish they would have explained the importance of reading every day with my baby - even if my eight pound bundle of joy didn't understand what I was saying. That reading is nourishment for the brain. That the library would be a great place to interact with other new parents at story time, or Spanish class. I wish someone would have taken two minutes to share how my library card could be used to put books, music, movies, cookbooks, magazines, and more, on hold online.

I dream about making that type of library tote available to each new parent as he or she is contemplating what will become priorities in their family schedule. Forgive my lack of posts as I focus what little free time I have on that dream. I'm open to ideas and suggestions, please contact me if you have a similar passion.

Borrow the Beauty - Keep The Knowledge: Library.  

xoxo Michele

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