Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day Collection In Five Minutes

 Male father bluebird (left) teaching his son (right) to sing and hunt.

We've been watching father bluebirds with their sons throughout our neighborhood. A birder friend told me the fathers have a week or so to teach their sons to sing and hunt, and then they go back to nesting and the young male leaves in search of a mate. How wonderful to know the natural world is celebrating the importance of fathers as we also pay tribute to dads this weekend.

How do you let your favorite dad know he is appreciated without spending? Shop the library. Hubby isn't a reader, but he loves audiobooks. And Winston Churchill. I love that we can celebrate him and his interests with our library card.

Actually, hubby loves to read graphic novels and comic books, especially Berkeley Breathed, Gary Larson, and Bill Watterson. The library carries and shares all of them.

Why celebrate for one day when the library lets you borrow this beauty for weeks. In five minutes or less I can create vignettes throughout the house that let our children's fabulous father know we love him.

Shopping the library with the children is the best part. We put together a list of Carl's hobbies, history and sports interests, movies and music preferences, and then discover them throughout the library. When we're pressed for time, we go online and shop from home. 

The library leads to relaxation for dad.

More Father's Day inspiration here

Librarians are standing by, what borrowed beauty will you discover today?

xoxo Michele

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