Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who and Why and What If

Monday was Earth Day. The children came home from school and shared cool facts about our planet's natural resources, and then we went on with our day as usual. I made a ham for dinner, Nick and Arielle went to guitar and piano lessons, John ran down the street for baseball practice. Having twenty minutes to myself, I started making new flower necklaces for Prince Caspian and Odysseus. I know what you're thinking; this is absolutely riveting, Michele.

After everyone was showered and in their pj's, we gathered around the TV to watch Surviving Progress. Halfway through the documentary, our two youngest were snoring, but Nick's eyes never left the screen. Carl and I kept pausing the film to answer his questions to the best of our ability. Seven billion people, soon to be nine billion. Finite resources in a materialistic society. A world financial market severely in debt. Nick's questions ~ who? why? what if? ~ kept coming. We couldn't answer them all. I'm still thinking about these issues today. And will be pondering them tomorrow.

As Nick was rushing out the door this morning for school, he kissed my cheek and voiced what my heart knows is true. Earth day is every day. As we go on with our daily lives of work, school, piano lessons, house cleaning and flower necklace making, the questions of who and why and what if remain.

xoxo Michele
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