Monday, April 29, 2013

Borrowing Is Beautiful

Books from the library are meaningful home adornments. The fact that I can change this group of great reads every week without the hassle of a yard sale, or storage space, is what separates the library from any other place on earth. They love to share my favorites, like this one, again and again.

Borrow the beauty. Keep the knowledge. Library.

xoxo Michele

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2 comments: said...

I've read Casual Vacancy, Wolf Hall, and Bring Up the Bodies. Great reading!

Sally Young said...

I'm ploughing through Wolf Hall, my little sister has read it and Bring Up the Bodies and enjoyed them both and with good old sisterly rivalry I am determined to finish at least the first one! I love our local library, it's a great resource and the staff are so friendly and helpful!

I loved reading to and with my two children when they were little, they are both passionate readers as adults and now my daughter is an assistant librarian in the Maps and Manuscripts department of the British Library in London!
Just found your blog and think it's great!