Monday, March 25, 2013

3 Of My Reading Secrets

How do you read so much? I'm asked this question often, which is a lot like asking me, how do you breathe

If you met me in person, this is what you'd guess (correctly) right away: I don't go to the gym, and my house won't win awards for cleanliness. But I have a full life. Spending time with family and friends is my number one priority. Cheering on my children in sports and theater, working full time, volunteering in community clubs, and maintaining personal hobbies like crafting, photography, and birding keeps me busy. Oh, and I blog right here. Yet I still find time to read almost every day.

I started this great read Saturday and finished on Sunday. How? I'll tell you several of my secrets. 

(1) Early Birdies Get The Book. Saturday and Sunday mornings I wake up earlier than during the week. This reverse logic actually helps me - especially on Monday morning when I'm "sleeping in". I'm on chapter two by 5 am, and can read without interruption until almost 8 am. The rest of Saturday is spent catering to the needs of my family, but occasionally there will be an open window late in the afternoon when they're happily playing with friends. If it works out, I read.

(2) Spa Sunday. After dinner on Sunday evening, I declare spa time for mommy. I can read for 30 minutes in the bath, followed by an hour of free time reading the NY Times or finishing my book. Hubby and children are generous with giving me an hour or two to relax because I've focused on them throughout the weekend with sleepovers and movies and sports. Sheesh. If they ever give you a hard time about reading, just remind them that the baseball and soccer uniforms do not wash themselves, sleepovers do not chaperone themselves, and cooking and cleaning isn't performed by magic fairies.

(3) I Date Books Before I Marry Them. Buying books is a major commitment to me, especially if I haven't read them. Just because a book is popular or a classic doesn't mean I'm going to love it. And I need to read the book before I determine it shelf worthy. The library loves to share, so I take more risks and have discovered authors, hobbies, and music I might have completely passed over in a book store.

Not sure where to start? Your local librarian can introduce you to some great authors. But just like making friends or dating in real life, you ultimately have to choose what suits you.

What are some of your reading secrets?

xoxo Michele

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I am LOVD said...

This is such great advice! And, a great reminder that mom's need to have their own time doing the things they love! Thanks so much for sharing and showing a glimpse of your world and how you do it.

Amy said...

I get asked this question a lot as well, and one of my biggest secrets is audiobooks! I love them because I can listen while I do all sorts of mundane tasks. (And the library has tons of titles to choose from! I always joke with my husband that I'm saving him a lot of money by using the library...each audiobook would cost an average of $40! And I listen to 2-4 per month!)

Carin said...

Love these tips as well Michele. I used to be great at dating books until I got a kindle. I need to go back to my old dating ways again pretty quickly though since our finances have taken a turn for the worse lately.

I would also say audio books. They have become pretty essential for me. I often listen to audio books in the kitchen while I'm cooking or tidying up

Anonymous said...

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