Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Love Sharing

Do you have a favorite Valentine's tradition? I love selecting a special plush for each of my children and pairing it with borrowed beauty from the library. Every year it's nothing short of an adventure: admiring the movie and music section, backtracking to the cookbooks, wandering in wonder through the arts and crafting beauty, hand picking sweetness I know they'll enjoy.

During the holidays, it isn't unusual for me to feel pressured to spend, spend, spend. When that happens, I head to my library. They inspire me to share instead.

For my smoochie husband, it is all about the audio books. That, and chocolate.

My sweetheart surprised me with birding goggles, so I found a swoony bird book-cover. I might actually read it.

Our favorite read alouds share the history of Valentine's Day.

We spend less and share more, because we library. 

 Happy Valentine's Day.

xoxo Michele

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I am LOVD said...

Sending love your way this Valentine's Day! My kiddo will be borrowing love from the library in March for his Month of Musicals for his blog. I'll let you know when he posts the first review!

LOVD tidings and Happy Valentine's Day! - Lilly

Shelley Johannes said...

I love that you gift library stuff. You're truly the coolest.

Amy said...

What a cool idea! I have to admit that I did give my boys new books for Valentine's Day, BUT they were all books we'd tried out (and loved) at the library first! :-)