Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Love Adventure

Two solid days of wind, and rain, and near freezing temps have me dreaming of Corfu, Greece. 
This is where my mind soars while my body reluctantly obeys the law of gravity.

But I want more than pictures. I want a story, full of adventure, and comedy, and nature. 
And I want to share it with my children.
And I don't want it to cost anything.
And I don't want to pack or fly.

Lucky me, our library is in the travel business. This book followed by this movie liberate us from winter for awhile. And although I dream of visiting Corfu one day, Gerald encourages me to share, discuss, and record the meaningful beauty of childlike wonder right where we are, here in the middle of winter, the living dream of today. 

Books are magical. 
The library is our portal to endless adventures.

To see what else the book inspired, click here.

xoxo Michele

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I am LOVD said...

I thought you of all people could appreciate my post today!

Kathie Brown said...

Nice to meet a fellow book lover as well as a bird lover! thank you for your comment on my blog. I finally answered your question there!

P.S. If you like books, do you like poetry as well?