Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sharing, Southern Style

(Yes, I'm driving. But before you send me madmail, we were completely frozen in a parking lot of traffic.) 

She was supposed to be Ava Grace. I had chosen her name a decade before she was born. And never waivered. But then, yada yada yada, marriage. Miscarriage. Big brother arrived healthy. I was afraid to ask for more perfect gifts from above. During prayer time one morning, I "heard" the name Arielle and hurriedly looked up the meaning. Lioness of God.

And then I couldn't get pregnant, or at least that's how all *the waiting, the waiting, the waiting, felt. So when she arrived 12 months later, three weeks before her due date (the day after we closed on a home that demanded three weeks of renovation just to be inhabitable) I knew her middle name was Faith. For ten years now I've gazed upon her sanguine spirit, thinking, I can't believe she's mine. 

I'm always on the hunt for activities we can share in together, and when Edie announced this week the release of her eBook, I knew we had something special.

This beautiful heart of sharing danced out of my printer!

Edie covers all the things I want to say and share with my daughter on the true meaning of hospitality, and just as importantly, what hospitality is not (Day 1). That every life is sacred (Day 2). That we need each other (Day 3). That solitude supports serving others (Day 7). That all they really need is you (Day 18). 

She shares with an abundance of southern warmth. You know - the type of love that draws a child onto a parent's lap and hugs tight like you're the greatest treasure on earth. Oh, and she talks about reading, reading, reading. Sigh. Makes me want to fly on over to the library right now and check out this book

We went to Target and found a chevron striped binder big enough to hold both Edie's eBook along with current and future recipe favorites, sharing ideas on growing in grace, smoochie photographs and doodles, and silly notes to each other. I'm so grateful Edie dreamed her dream and shared it with us.

Did I mention I met Edie last year after following her blog for four years? How will you share your sweetie Edie eBook?

xoxo Michele

*Taken from the song at the bottom of this post, which I sing all the time. Loudly.

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