Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Library Staff Picks

Without our precious librarian, Rosie, I wouldn't have found Serena. Did you know Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence will star in the movie this fall? Read it now, dear friends. 

Librarians love to share great reads, and you'll want to share them with your friends. After chapter three I just had to share this with Natalie.

I can't get enough of this swoony chef, and now my daughter is devouring the joy of all things JuJu. When you're friends with librarians, they hook you up with sweet beauty too delicious not to share.

When you're friends with your local librarians, you'll feel like the richest woman in America. Not just because they choose books especially for you or share what they're reading, or intently listen as you blabber about swoony Marius or David McDreamy, but also because they keep letting you walk out with borrowed beauty week in and week out, never asking for a credit card or sending you a bill for their services. Librarians love us for our reading, not our riches.

Library patrons should be called library celebrities - where else can the non-famous borrow beauty for weeks at a time - and just when you're starting to tire of having the books and music and movies in your house - they'll take it back and you can pick out something new to you all over again.

Librarians love to help your family grow. They know the books that make a great read aloud when your children plead, "I don't want a chapter book tonight".  

Let your local librarian share some beauty with your family today. 

Spend Less - Share More. Library. 

xoxo Michele 

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Natalie T. said...

And I thank you so very much! If you were local, I'd bring you some eggs. :)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a lovely list of books! Thanks for sharing!


Jensamom23 said...

I just requested Serena from the library! Thank you!