Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

My favorite ornaments don't come from a store. They are inspired by books and music from the library, and then rolled out and cut with gingerbread cookie cutters by the smoochiest sixth grader I know.

Creating magical memories in the kitchen with my children (and many precious children I claim as mine) is a priceless gift.

Want to know my secret weapon? 

Elvis: Christmas (mooches smooches is the king)
Mario Lanza (super swoony)
Sting: If On A Winter's Night (dreamy times infinity)
Christmas With The Stars (run to your library now and pick this up)

A collection of Christmas CD's from the library. And a ginormous boombox I'm too embarrassed to show you. It's hiding in an armoire (that also houses our microwave). We love to play it loud and sing along. Or hush the volume to a whisper so we can share our day. Either way, the captivating crooners provide the soundtrack for melodious memories. 

Spending less and sharing more, the tangible sense of community and companionship - knowing we are borrowing beauty that was in the home of a dear friend down the block or a retired veteran at The Pines - this is where I find both joy and gratitude.

My favorite ornaments are the harvest of sharing. The creation of companionship. A library's legacy is love.

xoxo Michele

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