Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorite Christmas DIY Decoration

When I spied The Decorologist's book tree, sweet friends and readers, this bibliophile had to craft a beauty for our kitchen table. Stat. 

There are endless ideas of bookish crafts online, and I've been invited to crafty book parties, but very few refrain from maiming or killing the helpless little paper progeny. Believe me, they all were someone's baby.

I can't hurt books. Don't hate me. I'm not mad at you if you have personalized journals made from book covers or book pages shaped like a wreath. Over the summer my daughter and I tried to make her a personalized journal using a super smoochie horse book cover. But we just couldn't, sob, break it's spine.

Smoochie David McDreamy. His history is safe with me. If you have some of his books and are thinking about destroying them to make an airplane or paper bird, please send them my way. I'll send you back some faux snow and teensy ornamental figurines so you can make a holiday book tree. Swoony times infinity.

Hope your weekend is full of family and great reads. If you are nearby, please join us for Christmas in Davidson this weekend.

xoxo Michele

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