Monday, November 12, 2012

Molly's Pilgrim

We discovered Molly's Pilgrim at the library last week. I love it when new (to me and the children) books inspire crafting afternoons. And an incredible revelation of the roots of our American Thanksgiving celebration.

This precious four year old asked me to read Molly's story five times. And then she crafted a pilgrim girl for Arielle. A clothespin body, a rubber ball for the head, red felt and bandana fabric for the clothes, yarn for the hair. While her hands were working her mind was flying to Molly's classroom. Books are magic, I tell you.

All these years I've been like Elizabeth in the story, thinking that Thanksgiving was something the pilgrims just thought up.

Now that we know the true meaning behind Thanksgiving, we put Tikvah Means Hope and Sukkot Treasure Hunt on hold at the library.

Here is a bookmark to print and share with your children.

Molly's Pilgrim is a beautiful reminder to be a blessing to the many modern pilgrims in our midst. 

My heart is thankful for the endless journey of meaningful learning
 joyously shared by the library.

xoxo Michele

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