Friday, November 9, 2012


My children love to hear about the day they were born. Arielle savors each detail of how her name was chosen and the meaning behind it. John-John's eyes brighten with the mention that his 18 month old sister declared he was her baby upon meeting him for the first time. Nicholas ponders the gift of his birth and how it transformed our story of a couple into the mysterious, magical love of a family. 

They love to hear about the day I married their father. Photo albums are an important part of the story, but my voice, my words, my narration ~ they have the power to build a living biography so strong in their imagination that they believe they remember the day from a personal experience. Those stories root, bond, connect us as a family. They not only answer the whys, but they ask us to keep adding to that beautiful story that began at a baseball game in the spring of 1997.

Mayflower answers the questions we have about the birth of our nation in breathless detail. And once it becomes a part of your living history, it will be asking you to add to the story of our country. That is what great reads do - they remind us, educate us, strengthen us on our collective history, and encourage us to add our own memoir to the story. The season of Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on our family story and revitalize a spirit of gratitude and sharing.

xoxo Michele

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