Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Lasts Longer Than Beauty?

Being Smart. ~ Gabrielle Union (in Half The Sky)

I say, why not have both beauty and smarts?  

Take for instance the October issue of Anthropologie. Have you seen it? Beautiful clothes and shoes and more, staged in the sheer brilliance of Antoni Gaudi.

The magazine inspired a trip to the library, where we rediscovered my favorite Gaudi children's book: Building on Nature

Dear readers, make the children's picture book section of your library a treasured hangout - every shelf is a nest of precious, jeweled knowledge.

Gaudi believed that each time he stepped into nature he was walking into God's storybook of creation. Don't you just love that? 

He was often sick as a child and couldn't play with his siblings, so he spent a lot of time observing nature.

He dedicated his adult life to creating buildings, homes and churches made by the hands of men with the eye of God's natural design, and often times his masterpieces were found in the smallest of details.

Dressing your body in style? Fabulous. 

Dressing your mind in knowledge? Absolutely extraordinary ~ because you can share that knowledge with those around you. Yes, I'm totally assuming you are constantly surrounded with children, like me. 

Halfway through the Anthropologie magazine, we were introduced to the artistry of chef Jose Garces. I'm positive they are trying to sell the dinnerware, but my eyes were not prepared to lose sight of the food. We walked over to the cookbook section at the library and found Jose patiently waiting for us. Sweet friends, his cookbook is a work of art.

I was inspired to make loin of pork in the crockpot (I know my limits). My hands smell like garlic, my husband bravely smooched me anyway, and a precious three year old is goo goo for Gaudi. 

How awesome is that? Actually, it's pretty smart.

xoxo Michele

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