Monday, August 27, 2012

NCNY Day Ten: Celebration

"Kids have two backpacks: the physical one they carry their books in, and the mental backpack where they store all the lessons and experiences they’ll use to help make decisions. 

A paperback copy of To Kill a Mockingbird won’t take up much room in the first one, but the wisdom contained within this book can be carried in the mental backpack for a lifetime. There are lessons here about choosing generosity over selfishness, making the right choice even when it’s the difficult one, and standing up for your beliefs.

 I also recommend Thornton Wilder’s fantastic play Our Town, and anything by Shakespeare (important note: kids are never too young for Shakespeare). 

A kid with a library card has the world at her fingertips, and when parents read with her, they can serve as a map to help make sense of that world." ~ Read the entire article by Rafe Esquith here.

You can find more NCNY inspiration here.

Today is our children's first day of school, and of course it couldn't pass without a little bit of drama. John's new school shoes didn't fit this morning and he had to wear his crocs (a school no-no). Lets just say Carl wasn't blowing me kisses when I explained to him that even though I didn't take John with me to buy his school shoes, I had taken John's croc with me, and matched it, sole to sole, with the new-not-fitting sneakers. I even bought a half size bigger than the croc, hoping the little halfsize marking would appease Carl (it did not). And to add a little fuel to the bare-footed fire, I threw the shoe box away, so how we are returning the neon green Nike's will be a dilemma I'll struggle with over coffee and heartburn all afternoon. Sorry for the impromptu fireworks this morning, children. It wasn't quite the celebration we had planned.

But with a new schedule comes the opportunity to experience a fresh way of seeing the world. Our New Chances New Year. I hope you're inspired to discover swoony Rafe at your local library. He has been instrumental in shaping my philosophy of creating a school of wonder at home. A living library, if you will; where the beauty is borrowed, but the knowledge is kept.

xoxo Michele

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