Monday, July 16, 2012

How My Garden Grows

A rainy Friday afternoon on our garden porch.

Hmm. You aren't supposed to see the colors of autumn in your garden, right? Yellow leaves...brown stems...either I'm over-watering or several days water-tardy, and am unable to implicate the wildlife because my container garden is safely tucked in on our back porch. But no worries. While the garden of my hands is growing hopeless, I'm fertilizing my heart and mind with great reads from the library. 

Five Of My Favorite "Gardens"


For those of us with a brown/yellow-thumb, it's comforting to know that reading is fruitful.  Our eyes feed on ideas but the harvest happens in the heart and mind. Cultivate your spirit at the library today. In my next post I'll feature some of my favorite read aloud books for gardening the hearts and minds of our children.

xoxo Michele