Friday, July 13, 2012

5 Fun Ways To Library

My friend Carla talked me into receiving the Sunday New York Times. Arriving in its beautiful blue wrapper was almost gift enough, but then I uncovered the Book Review. Smoochie book review, here's my number, call me daily. The review doesn't call me daily, but the paper's wedding announcements make for priceless reading until the following Sunday, let me tell you. And I'm creating a fabulous project with cut outs from the paper, thanks to inspiration from Jeanne - more to come soon.

It is just one of 5 Fun Ways To Library.

{1} Turn Book Reviews Into Borrowed Beauty 

 My reading appetite is bigger than my wallet, so rather than buying books, I borrow them. Last week I read an article on Kristin Cashore and her current bedside table reading. Ship Fever sounded divine, and it is. Instead of logging on to Amazon, I log on to my library website - it duplicates the same shopping high  without the spending hangover. And the library loves to share popular magazines with book reviews, like  Real Simple, Oprah, and People.   

{2} Cook With A Book
My hubby grew up in an Italian family where everyone was born knowing how to cook perfect pasta  and pork dishes. Sadly, I did not. He loves to remind me that I tried to kill him with the first breakfast I made as a married couple: garlic eggs. Apparently Italians do not love garlic on everything. But the library has endless inspiration for your kitchen. Check out my Cookbook Crushes for encouragement. 

Carl's favorite dish (also mine because it makes the entire house smell like Little Italy) is Loin of Pork with fresh rosemary from our garden. A little water in the pan with potatoes and onions, drizzle some olive oil over the pork and top with garlic, paprika, and rosemary, salt and pepper. The Big Tip: Set oven to broil for the first 20 minutes and put the roast in uncovered - it will seal in the juices. Cover and lower temp to 350 for about 2 hours. Baste as needed.

{3} Make Music Meditative

I know there are easy ways to instantly gratify music moods, but I still borrow CD's from the library. The biggest reason being, you miss out on all the fun photos and lyrics from the group if you only download their songs. Holding the jewel case is like reading a letter from the band while listening to the music, and it makes borrowing the entire Mumford & Sons experience intentionally better

{4} Family Movie Night           

Movies are rarely watched more than once, so we don't buy them. Besides, it's fun to have the children take turns choosing Tintin, The Muppets and Kung Fu Panda 2. We take a lot more chances since we aren't spending money and that leads to finding hidden gems, like this.

{5} Make Meaningful Art

Tuesday's disaster is gradually becoming a priceless work of wonder. The library shares so many art books they should be called a gallery. Arielle has been requesting additional books by Picasso and Monet.  Meaningful art makes her want to dance.                                                                         

And dancing always leads to the best spontaneous parties. Party your way over to the library today.

I'd just love for you to follow me here so we can {Live. Learn. Library.} together. Sharing makes life sweeter.

xoxo Michele