Sunday, July 8, 2012

Casa De {Creatively Made} E-Camp

The hundred plus temps have rendered me housebound, because apparently I'm made of the same wax as a crayon. John believes me when I tell him I'm German, English, Irish, and two percent Crayola Pearl White. Precious child. And what perfect timing for this insanely hot weather to happen, because I was one of ten winners of Jeanne Oliver's Creatively Made four week class - smoochie thanks to sweetie Edie for hosting such a fabulous giveaway.

The children and I will be creating library passports, for real this time, because Jeanne has inspired us to make meaningful art. This means I'll be a tardy blogger for awhile. Faced with a choice between computer time or reading time, I just can't part with my books. Right now I'm reading:

Brother's Karamazov (still reading this baby, and loving it.) 
Patriots (Thank you, Debbie.)
Over-Dressed (Thank you, Carla. Gotta love friends that drop off books from the library and say, read this, you'll love it!)
The Art Of Fielding (Thank you, Carla.)
John Irving (Thank you, Kate.)
Signora da Vinci (Thank you, Tammy.)

Listening to on audio book:

You must check out Jeanne's art, I know you'll be inspired to take a four week e-course, which I'm calling our Casa De Creatively Made E-Camp, because the kids are all into summer camps, and this is so much cheaper, and it doesn't involve sunscreen. Or sweating. (Or in my case, melting.) 

xoxo Michele