Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Sew Is To Pray

Four Souls 

The sewing machine is out of the box and on the table. Hubby has eyed it nervously, and who could blame him? The foot pedal has yet to be attached, not one yard of fabric is in sight, and when I catch him gazing in its direction I sigh heavily and mumble something about the US Olympic Time Trials, and being transported to Russia with The Brothers Karamazov and my inability to part ways with Alyosha (Helpful Tip: If you plan to read the amazing classic, look for this translation. After several starts and stops, this version sings to me). When that doesn't work I try and distract him with these

But the sewing machine is on the table. I have high hopes for this weekend, and so does Arielle. YouTube has been kind enough to offer me assistance in the way of videos instructing me on how to thread the machine, so we should be sewing away in no time. 

I'm working on a library post for the 4th of July and would love your input. Please email me some of your favorite music, books, cookbooks, movies, etc. and I'll be sure to include them in the mix. 

xoxo Michele