Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Listening Library

Our lengthening Carolina days have been saturated in an endless arc of golden honey; warm and sweet and sticky and soothing. {Just kidding on the soothing part - smothering is more like it.} But as the curtain closes on the pale blue and pink sunset, my scorched peeps are craving the raven-haired darkness of a country night. No lamps. No nightlights. What's a reading girl to do? 

The Listening Library. The children and I curl up in bed and push play on the CD player. We fold our eyes; as the ceiling fan softly breezes above, Jim Dale transports us to the country of James Herriot. Dreamy times infinity, sweet readers.

We've been forever fans of All Creatures Great and Small, and I was highly favored to find this book for fifty cents at a library sale, but having Jim Dale read the book to us is a thrilling treat. Yes, the Jim Dale of Harry Potter audio-book fame.

Those that know me well are shocked. Bed? Yes. By ten? Really. Eyes closed? I know! Can you believe it? {Except for last Thursday when I just had to stay up and watch The Avett Brothers on Conan. Those three hundred and twenty seconds were sooo swoony worth it.}

Don't worry. It's just for the summer. I'll be back to the I Like The Nightlife Baby this Fall.

Maybe my fingers are crossed behind my back. Have you discovered the eye-soothing, ear-candy of Audio CD's at your local listening library? Which are your favorite?

xoxo Michele

I'm still weak in the knees, Natalie. A thousand thank you's for introducing me to their brilliance.