Monday, June 18, 2012

This Is A True Story, But Some Of The Facts Have Been Changed.

Carl picked our Father's Day movie, and boy was I excited when I read the title (not really). But I swoon when a movie surprises me; plucks me off the couch and glides our family through a marvelous adventure. And influences us to check out material like this from the local library (especially the book that inspired the movie):

                                            Birds In Fall  (heard this is a must read)

Another bonus: the movie inspired us to check out birds in our backyard. When I say "us" I really mean me. I'm the only nuthatch outside at 5:30 am looking for cardinals and bluejays....everyone else up at this hour is jogging quietly. Oh, and what about Rocket, you kindly inquire? His superspecial birding skill (incessant barking) make us the hugely popular tweet-seekers of the neighborhood. Which means making and sharing more of these frozen treats that I promise will be my next post.

"How is a story like a bird? It keeps us aloft. It flies."   ~ Brad Kessler

xoxo Michele