Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Days

Saturday night, Nick curled up next to me on the bed and said, "You won't be reading to me for a week." Six days, I corrected him. His first sleep-away camp, and the first time I haven't read to him (almost) nightly.  

So we started a new series that our astounding children's librarian, Bev, recommended. I read the first chapter and upon completion asked my standard question when beginning a new author or series. "Go, or no?"

"Mom," Nick answered solemnly, "You'd better pack the entire series."

Six days. Dearest Beverly, what can you recommend for a heartsick mama that will take me out of reality until this Saturday? Actually, Arielle and I may have found the answer in our kitchen (with the help of the library, of course). Here's a sneak peak:

Six days. If all I gain is six pounds we'll call it a successful week. Help, sweet friends and readers. How did you survive your child's first sleep-away camp?

xoxo Michele