Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Madonna Made My Daughter A Reader

I can't believe I just said that. But it's true. 

We tried every series you can name and then about fifty more. Arielle would start a book with delight, but by page seven (if we were lucky) the book would disappear. Under her bed. At the bottom of the hamper. On top of her armoire, hidden under stuffed animals. She would feign illness during nightly reading alone time (Arielle adores picture books, non-fiction books, biographies and when I read to her. Anything but chapter books.) 

I had long conferences with her teachers, crying conventions with my husband, counseling sessions with our dear librarians. Really. I'm profoundly dramatic when necessary.

But then we found The English Roses series at our local library. Arielle didn't stop on page seven, or page twenty seven. In three days Arielle had read one book - the entire book - without prompting. She didn't care that she was reading the series out of order. I have enjoyed these books as well.

Arielle doesn't know who Madonna is. When I'm ready to reveal, the library has all of her music - which I'm now listening toGrazie, sweet librarians, for encouraging us to never give up. 

A sincere thank you, Madonna. Your books have turned our daughter into a chapter book reader. And through reading this world-rocking story about Dr. Paul Farmer, we found you in this movie (it's on Netflix, instant play). Bravo.

Has a celebrity surprised you with bookish beauty? Please share.

Hank made our son a reader.

xoxo Michele