Sunday, April 1, 2012

Game On

Poetry Selection for Sunday, April 1st:
Psalms 46:4-6

Guess who's ready to get her Game Of Thrones on tonight? 

Kids will be safely tucked into their beds, hubby will be on my left and Rocket will squeeze in-between us. It's kinda like a date, only with the added bonus of a clingy quadrupedal chaperone.

But as incredible as this series is, it can't compare to the beauty in the books. And you can find George RR Martin's entire A Song of Ice And Fire series at your local library. His website has a page devoted to what he is reading ~ it hasn't been updated in years, but I found this at my local library. 

On second thought, maybe the show is as beautiful as the books.
The uber-dreamy Jon Snow

What book or movie series has brought you and your husband together?

xoxo Michele