Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Week Of Wonder: The Links

Meet Ember, our totally rad cocoon (soon to be a totally rad moth). 

Can't wait to try this amazing DIY photo to canvas project. Jen's giraffe is almost as cute as she is. Almost.

My favorite post of the week. So was this one.

I'm kinda sweet on Grammarly, but he isn't so sweet on me. My posts? "Weak - Needs revision". Every time.

Parent of teens/tweens that read The Hunger Games: are you taking them to the movie? If you've seen the movie, I would love to hear your review.

I adore this Chic blog

Watching this movie after listening to the audio book. Robert Downey, Jr. +  this pie = my kind of weekend.

Jill is the sweetest Showoff.

Please visit your local library this weekend.
I'd love to hear about the borrowed beauty you brought home from the stacks.

xoxo Michele