Monday, March 12, 2012

Rapid Heartbeat In 3, 2, 1...

Putting books, music, movies and magazines on hold at your local library is a gift you give yourself - and your family. When I walk in and see the bestowal of borrowed beauty waiting for me on the hold shelf, it's a blissful day ~ no matter what else is happening. 

How do you put material on hold? Just log onto your local library website, or try our local library website below. Yes, I've really put our local library website on my blog and you can test it out right now. Note: this won't work if you are viewing in your reader - you will have to pop on over to my blog. Sorry. 

  Catalog   Website  SEARCH   My Account  |  Get a Card  |  Pay Fines  |  Classic Catalog  |  Mobile

Go ahead and enter a subject or book/movie/magazine title in the Search Catalog/Website field right now - it is completely painless, I promise - then press the "SEARCH" key
If you type in "Details, Lili Diallo" (okay, I might be a teeny bit obsessed with that book) the next page will bring up that book. Click on the book - which will bring you to the page that will have the two most beautiful words you've ever seen: Request Item. Click on "Request Item" and a small window will open and ask you for your library card number and your pin number. If this is your first time ordering online, it will ask you how you want to be notified that your item is ready to be picked up (I prefer email). 

In less than 60 heartbeats you have put a gift for you or your family on hold.

Is your heart racing a little faster? Mine is. What will you borrow today?

xoxo Michele