Monday, March 5, 2012

Teaching Trees

If John had his way, we'd live in trees, delight in muddy socks, feast only on Frosted Flakes with strawberry milk, and have unlimited credit at the Lego store. But he came home today and declared: "Hurry up with dinner, I want to go to bed and read." 

Dearest Jennie, his teacher turned him on to King Arthur, and now there is no looking back. As soon as he fell asleep, I went to our local library website and researched every book I could find on those great Knights Of The Round Table. 

Something amazing happened as I scanned through the list of books. An author kept coming up, and although his name sounded familiar, I couldn't place him. I entered his name in the Library Search, and almost fell off my chair. This author is a giant ~ a Redwood if you will ~ of children's writers, and yet I had not carefully studied all of his branches. I don't want you to miss him.

If you haven't picked up Leonardo's Horse ~ one of Nick's all time favorites ~ find it at your library today. It is gift-worthy. Forging Freedom is simply one of the most heroic (and educational) stories we have read on the Holocaust (this Author's Note is not to be missed). 

I'm forever grateful for the variety of teachers in my children's lives: at school, at home, and at the library ~ and you, dear Beth. If you are imparting knowledge to youth - thank you for being a priceless teaching tree, lifting up those around you. May we always live among your branches.

xoxo Michele