Sunday, March 4, 2012

Library Living At Home: Laundry Library Sneak Peek

Life in grace means a life of sharing, and I'm thrilled that Edie has started a new blog where we can share our passion while encouraging others. Please visit Life In Grace Girls to enjoy a gathering of gifts from girlie bloggers - I'm honored to share my Laundry Library Sneak Peek.
While my husband and adorable 5th Grader were in Washington DC for three days, I caught up on our laundry. I'm giving all the credit to our local library for giving me a Laundry Library and clean underwear. Here is a before photo:

Why I'm taking a photo of Arielle making ice cream cones I haven't a clue, but there is the laundry room (behind her) in all of its former glory - could you blame me for not wanting to go in there? 
Then I found this book at our local library:

Lili Diallo inspired me to create meaningful beauty rather than copy what someone else is doing. Not that I mind copying - we all do it. But Lili shared a secret with me: name several details that make your heart race, and then build a room from there - it guarantees that the room will reflect your own beautiful, unique personality.  

Fun Fact: Lili is a major bibliophile, so it is no wonder that I gravitated to her way of styling. 

I'm still moving details around and waiting for family photos to be developed so I can show you the wall opposite the mirror (that splash of yellow paint - all Lili's idea). The fabric (yes - those are drapes behind the washer and dryer), shelf and mirror came from here. In total, I spent about $80.00. If I had to buy the books and magazines it would have been an additional $100.00.

A dear friend, Darlene at Fieldstone Hill Design, posted some important reminders when creating a theme that saved me from turning this transformation into a tearful tragedy.

Sweet library, my family thanks you for the clean clothes ~ and I adore you for sharing your borrowed beauty each week and encouraging me to keep the knowledge. 

You can find more creative ways of Library Living At Home  here.

xoxo Michele