Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Heart Maurice Sendak

"Children do live in fantasy and reality; they move back and forth very easily in a way 
we no longer remember how to do."

Our youngest son has grown up on pancakes, broccoli, ring pops, and Maurice Sendak. John-John learned months of the year from this book, count to ten with this book. Truth be told, I grew, too. Maurice makes the wild things okay for all of us. He's a gift to humanity - possibly more to us moms than we care to admit. I especially loved his interview in the back of this book.

"With our dogs we wear no masks."

As a parent, I believe we wear no masks with our children. They see us clearly, and as Maurice loves to say, "Parents don't protect their children. Children protect their parents." There is an unspoken language in his art that is communicated by the heart, and it is truer than words. 

I'm thankful for the library - they share almost every one of his books with us. I hope you'll share Maurice with your children today, and then come back and share with us your favorite. 

My fave: Pierre.

xoxo Michele

I Heart Charles Dickens

"Have a heart that never hardens,
and a temper that never tires,
and a touch that never hurts."

A heartfelt thank you to Beverly, our children's librarian, for reminding me that today is the 200th Birthday Anniversary of this classic author. Share him with your children today.

xoxo Michele