Friday, February 3, 2012

A Week Of Wonder: The Links

Our favorite song* on Just Dance 3 - now we can listen to the entire cd.

My children want this read over and over again. And again. 55 times in a week, dear friends. Fifty. Five.

Loved this post. And this one.

I'm attending this event. Would love for you to go, too.

Do you ever see just a teensy bit of a book title in a photo, like this, and then have to check it out at the library? Me too.

She posted this - and made me hungry for this.

Favorite movie of the week. Now reading the book that inspired the movie.

This post made me put this book on hold at the library.

Hubby said absolutely not to chickens. This is plan B.  Always have a Plan B.

She inspires me everyday.

Hope your weekend is fabulous and full of wonder. Visit your library.

xoxo Michele

*Nightly dance contest in Arielle's room.  Get your game on.