Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Heart Herge

I'm thinking February is going to be about all the people I heart at the library. After all, I don't love books - I love the ideas, the information, the art, the protagonists and yes, even the antagonists - I love what books hold inside the cover. Don't get me started on all the music and movies and cookbooks. Oy!

Right now I'm enjoying 10 minutes each morning sipping coffee with Snowy (he is on my mug up there) and learning about the man who brought him to life. My personal opinion: it is sooo much better than the movie.

In the evening, Snowy and I meet up again with Arielle and share some decaf tea and read this and this. My mom sent us a gift tin of tea ~ it has been the sweetest way to end our day. Are you thinking Valentine's gifts? Me too.

Who do you heart at the library?

xoxo Michele