Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Week of Wonder: The Links

Just finished this series. Hurry up, movie!

Adore this photo.

Listening to this cd.

She always has awesome library recommendations

Just started this book. Thank you, Tammy.

Moved by this post. And this one.

Watching this as a family. Because my daughter cherished these books.

Arielle and I have fallen in love with May B

So happy I found this writer. 

Picked up this book at the library after reading this post.

Baking love with this book.

Loving this challenge. Thrilled this bloggy friend  joined us.

Reading this for book club. It took effort to get through the first 150 pages, but worth it. 

Effort. All worthwhile pursuits require it, and I have decided to embrace effort like a cherished friend. What required effort in your life this week?

xoxo Michele