Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gift Of Companionship

I write every day, but publish very few of those ideas. And because the thoughts are tucked away like the special occasion hand-towels and china, Productivity loves to sit on my shoulder. Reminding me of an impatient to-do list that fusses for my attention. A meaningful life subtracted by hidden words.

And then I come across a book like Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird and inwardly rejoice. Even now, I'm continually surprised by how a writer can cheer our hearts with a message that is equally personal and universal.

Authors are ethereal companions, reaching over miles and even centuries with a letter seemingly written just for you. The gift of lifelong companionship - for us and our children - magically shared by the library. 

xoxo Michele 

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Shelley Johannes said...

A hearty yes to every word.